Charity Event At Mewar Haveli

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In 2015, the beautiful country Nepal was devastated by the earthquake of magnitude 7.9. It shook the whole country and that let the people around the world come together for the rescue. Therefore, we also decided to do our part of doing what we could. Then, we organize a Charity Event at Mewar Haveli on 10th May, 2015 and managed to raise £4230 which is donated to support earthquake victims of Dhading District.

Similarly, we are holding a same event with bigger aim to support the people who are still affected by that earthquake. This year, MR SURAJ PATHAK, Director of Mewar Haveli will be visiting the affected areas himself and will give the proceeds to the people. We are inviting everyone to attend the event and make it successful and help the earthquake victims of Nepal. Your small help could make a huge difference. The details of the event is as follows.