It is the spark of passion and we have a dream that dreamt of years ago
by Suraj Pathak and Simon Fernandes from which new Haveli at Radcliffe on Trent is born.

A Truly unique Nottingham venue the Haveli boasts a number of stunning views and the interior decor.

Lake view table are most desired while the guests are dining at Haveli. The transformation of the old Indian restaurant was a bold move but we are going from
strength to strength in serving and meeting the expectations of our guests. We carry the Yes We Can attitude towards each and everyone who walks in to our astonishing Haveli.

Our team is well experienced in cooking and serving the food from various five star hotels in different parts of the world. Chefs have travelled miles and miles of rural,
urban India in search of traditional and home made cooking recipes. It is here at Haveli Radcliffe on Trent they will exhibit their talent of master cooking.


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